Create a new app
Monthly price: u$s 100
Annually price (15% discount): u$s 1020

It will be use later to access to your app. The subdomian will be created and pointed to your app.

Define your app type from out catalog, Solvo ERP, Odoo, Wordpress, Django and much more

The version of the app to be installed

Some of our apps are loaded with preconfiguration to save you time to configure, for example Solvo Erp pre-configuration Website will install all needed apps to will your website. If your have doubts in which configuration use, use the default one.

extra ram will be priced to you renew invocice.

apps will have 1 core reserved by default, extra cores will be priced in your renew invoice.

your default app storage is set to 10 GB, you can change this fixed size from this form, or choose the auto-size option so your app will be auto-size and charged by the size of your app storage without your intervation.